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Address by the Honourable Minister, Federal Capital Territory, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello, at the 59th National Independence Anniversary Celebration at the Area 10 Sports Complex, Garki, Abuja. 1st October, 2019

7th Oct, 2019 | By Anthony Ogunleye | ||

1. Permit me to begin by congratulating all the residents of the FCT on this joyful event which is the 59th independence anniversary celebration of our great country, Nigeria.
2. On the 1st of October 1960, Nigeria became a sovereign nation with the lowering of the colonial Union Jack and the hoisting for the first time, the green white green colors of the Nigerian Flag, which has remained our national identity ever since.
3. In nearly 6 decades, our country has risen to becoming one of the most influential countries in the world. However, like any other country we have not been without our challenges the biggest perhaps being the 1967-1970 civil war which challenged the unity and indivisibility of our country.
4. A significant decision taken by the Federal Government to give every Nigerian a sense of belonging and make them a stakeholder in the Nigerian project was the creation of the Federal Capital Territory which is literarily and figuratively the center of Nigeria and a place where all Nigerians can call home.
5. The FCT has lived up to the dreams of her founding fathers, as over the years, it has become a melting pot of cultures, traditions and people from virtually every village and hamlet in Nigeria.
6. The development of the FCT in itself has not been without its own challenges, many of which are associated with commitment of residents to the ideals of on which the FCT is founded.
7. It will gladden me as I have no doubt it will gladden the hearts of our founding fathers -because it will be the realization of their dreams- if every resident of the FCT truly regards the Territory as home and will treat her as such.
8. For far too long, many residents of the FCT, consider her as simply a location where they live out of necessity to make a living while their hearts lie somewhere else. I must say that for the FCT to really make the dreams of her founders become a reality and truly become a home for all Nigerians, we must treat her the way we treat the homes in which we live daily.
9. I have oftentimes said that as residents of the FCT we owe ourselves and indeed the entire country to treat it as our one true home. It is a statement of fact that there now exists a generation of Nigerians who know no other home but the FCT. They were born in Abuja, schooled in Abuja, currently employed in Abuja and have started their own families here in Abuja.
10. To this generation of Nigerians, Abuja is the only home they know and can truly identify with. I therefore call on them to lead the charge in this quest of actualizing the dream of our founding fathers. They should treat the FCT with affection just like they would treat anything that is of great value to them.
11. We should insist that the right things are done properly and not hesitate to hold government and even their community and traditional heads to account on behalf of the generality of the people in the FCT.
12. We should initiate community actions, galvanize and mobilize the citizenry for it is only through this that we can actualize the true ideals of the FCT as envisaged by our visionary leaders of old.
13. Let all of us therefore use the occasion and opportunity of our 59th Independence anniversary to re-dedicate and re-commit ourselves to building the FCT of our dreams.
14. My fellow residents, our city cannot thrive when the rules guiding her dynamics are flaunted at will. The flooding witnessed recently in some parts of the Territory are caused in the most part by individuals building their houses on flood plains and water channels thereby causing obstructions that lead to floods.
15. Violations of land use acts have several implications including but not limited to security. Conversion of residential buildings and neighborhood recreational parks and gardens into night clubs and beer parlors have led to widespread complaints from fellow residents who fear for their lives due to the unwholesome activities inclusive of drug peddling and consumption amongst other vices that take place at these locations.
16. I urge all residents to therefore obey all extant rules regulating all facets of life in the FCT. This will only bring about harmony and a better standard of living for us all.
17. I also want to use this opportunity today to reiterate that the FCT is safe. No city can be completely crime free and with the concerted efforts of the security agencies and the FCT Administration, we have been able to keep crime to the lowest levels. I however need to mention that security is every resident's business. If you witness anything untoward, please do not keep silent. Report to the security agencies.
18. Fellow residents, please be assured that President Muhammadu Buhari is committed to actualizing the ideals of the founding fathers of the FCT and is determined to take the FCT to the Next Level of our national development. The Minister of State and I are equally determined to actualize those ideals.
19. Over the four years, we had focused on the completion of abandoned and on-going projects, re-organizing and re-focusing the bureaucratic structure of the FCTA, setting up mechanisms for income generation and blockage of areas of leakages.
20. In the coming months we intend to spend time, energy and resources on the education and health sector as well as the provision of infrastructure especially in the satellite towns. These are areas we feel will have the most positive impact on the greatest number of people.
21. It is however imperative that every resident of the FCT is involved, committed and willing to play his or her part to ensure that we all make the FCT the home we want her to be for all of us.
22. On that note, I once more congratulate all of us on the 59th Independence Anniversary celebration and pray for God's continuous guidance on us as a nation and a people.
23. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Long live the Federal Capital Territory!!!
24. Thank you for your attention.

News Update

The Minister said these after a meeting of the FCT Security Committee which comprises heads of the police, military and para-military formations in FCT as well as Area Council Chairmen and religious leaders.

The cheery news is coming as Minister of State, FCT, Dr. Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu will headline a distinguished galaxy of stakeholders for the FCT pension stakeholders retreat this week.

Finally last week, Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) took over managing and operating the newly- completed Nigeria-Korea Model School in Abuja.

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that his Administration will continue to fashion policies designed to ensure employment and security of all citizens, especially the youth.

Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Malam Muhammad Musa Bello has decried the lynching of three suspected traffic robbers popularly known as 'One chance' in Dutsen Alhaji area of Abuja last week.

Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) always makes public the allocations in line with President Muhammadu Buhari's Change Agenda which harps on transparency, anti-corruption and accountability, tenets which FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello has made his beacon.


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