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Enrolment into FCT Health Insurance Scheme hits 130,000

Sept, 2021 | By Vera Diugwu | ||

FCT Health insurance scheme says enrolment into the scheme has hit 130,000. It has equally carried out adequate sensitization to the residents of FCT enrolled in the scheme about strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Abuja Digest, Director FCT Health Insurance Scheme, Ahmed Danfulani identified COVID-19 pandemic as a major setback noting that enrolment in the scheme had declined since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

"Frankly speaking, we know that COVID-19 affected a lot of things, and of course, health care was not an exception, but of course, we always team up to give health care to the public whether it is an epidemic, a pandemic or a normal situation. We are the health insurance, we didn't just fold our hands throughout the pandemic. We were sensitizing people in different communities and also going to our health care facilities to ensure that services were made available to them.

"The risk of infection is very high when you go to health care providers and a lot of them were afraid during that period; but we insured many of them. At least for emergency purposes, they were able to access care and we can also tell you that during the peak of the pandemic in Nigeria the rate of enrolment into the scheme dropped but that is already picking up. So COVID-19 affected everything including health Insurance".

Danfulani noted that the health agency had enrolled about 130,000 residents which included resident civil servants and non career civil servants in FCT. "These things fluctuate but I can tell you that we have close to 130,000 lives under the scheme that include FCT staff. I can add the area council though some of them have not started enjoying the service. That may be another ten or fifteen thousand lives we have already captured. It also includes some individuals in the community and some companies are also part of the scheme and of course the basic care provision form which will cover about another 9,000 lives".

According to Danfulani who stated that the health agency lost two of its frontline workers to COVID-19 pandemic, the scheme covered those enrolees who were affected by COVID-19 pandemic. While calling on all residents of FCT to take the opportunity and enrol into the scheme, he noted that the insurance covered 90% of health issues affecting human beings.

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