Wupa Sewage Treatment Plant Not Shut Down-AEPB

By: Janet Peni, Oji Moses & Rakiya Isah

Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) has debunked news going that the Wupa Sewage Treatment Plant has been shut down for 6 months, saying it is a fake news and therefore, unfounded.

The Director, Abuja Environmental Protection Board, Engr. Osi Braimah, who spoke to newsmen, categorically debunked the allegation; saying that the Treatment Plant is effectively working and treating sewage from all the Phases of the City.

His words: “The Plant is fully functional; all the bio reactors working and the entire Plant well-maintained without discharge of raw sewage anywhere in the FCT. The effluent we discharge into the Wupa Basin is treated effluent that meets international standards and the Nigerian regulations for healthy and proper discharge of sewage water”.

“It will be the height of irresponsibility shutting down such critical infrastructure for six months. If this Plant was shut down for that length of time as was alleged, there will be reflux of sewage and eventual outbreak of epidemic across the Federal Capital City,” he said.

Braimah assured residents that there is no panic nor threat of epidemic arising from sewage disposal; saying there is no discharge of raw sewage in the FCT as the sewage discharged from the Plant is treated.

“We follow the global standard and processes of treatment from the beginning to the end,” the Director reiterated.

Newsmen during the chat were taken round the facility to see for themselves the workings of the Wupa Sewage Treatment Plant.