The FCT Administration has called on all property owners in the Federal Capital Territory that have any transaction to do with the Abuja Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) or Land Administration Department to desist from patronizing touts. 

The FCT Director of Land Administration, Adamu Jibrin Hussaini made this call in his office after appraising the work of staff interfacing with the public at the weekend.  

The Director observed that touts have been surreptitiously positioning themselves claiming to be serving as intermediaries between the office and the public. 

According to him, these and many other illegal activities of the touts are sending negative impression to the public and must be stopped forthwith.

Hussaini advised the public to disregard any demand for money by anybody who claims to be an agent to facilitate any kind of transaction including application for Power of Attorney, Legal Search, Deeds Assignment, Deed of Release and/or Legal Mortgage.

The Director emphasized that processing of applications in AGIS do not attract any other charges except the official processing fees stipulated by AGIS.

He advised property owners and/or would be property owners that have anything to with AGIS/Land to be weary of illegal activities of touts because they are imposters.