Maikalangu Dissolves AMAC Marshal

By: Wisdom Acka

The Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) has announced the dissolution of its Marshal, a security outfit created by the previous administration.

In its place, the Council has empowered the AMAC taskforce to take over from the AMAC Marshal and ensure internal security and assist technical partners in ensuring revenue generation to the Council.

Addressing newsmen Wednesday at AMAC headquarters, after an Executive Council Meeting (ECM), the Executive Chairman of AMAC, Christopher Zakka Maikalangu, who was represented by the Supervisory Councilor for Special Duties, Emmanuel Inyang, said that the AMAC Taskforce will be trained to ensure they discharge their duties professionally.

He said: “We inherited some agencies and parastatals from the previous administration, including the AMAC Marshal. Indeed, they have been doing their best and we feel we should energize it the more and add to the security, considering what the Marshall was expected to be doing.”

“However, after a review of the activities of the AMAC Marshal during today’s Executive Council Meeting, the Council agreed to dissolve the Marshall. We have given AMAC Taskforce the power from AMAC Marshall to ensure internal security,” he added.

“The Taskforce will also liaise with our technical partners to ensure that revenue is paid to the Council. They will ensure that residents pay their taxes. They will be trained and well-kitted to be able to live up to expectations as professionals. When everything is put in place, we will generate more revenue to be able to carry out more projects,” the Supervisory Councilor said.

He noted: “The essence of the Executive Council Meeting today is for us to do a review of our activities at the Council to ensure that dividends of democracy reach AMAC residents in different communities. We made some promises during the campaign period and I am happy to inform you that we have fulfilled some of the promises.”

“For example, we promised to award scholarships to AMAC residents. I am happy that we have been able to fulfill the promise of scholarship to indigent students. As you are aware, over 1,000 AMAC residents were awarded scholarship last month, including Postgraduate, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education students studying in different schools across the federation,” he remarked.

“As you may probably know, there is no political ward in the 12 wards of AMAC that has not recorded one project or the other sited in it by the Executive Chairman of the Council, be it rural electrification, water project, construction of classrooms, road projects, among others”, he explained.

“Most of the projects have been completed and awaiting commissioning, while other projects are nearing completion. Some of the projects were abandoned by the previous administration, but they’ve been taken up by our amiable Council Chairman in his magnanimity. We have to complete them because they are for the benefit of AMAC residents. Moreover, government is a continuum,” he emphasized.

“We are presently paying contractors’ debts owed by the previous administration. Some of the contractors took us to court to garneshe our account, but have withdrawn their cases after seeing the genuineness of the AMAC Chairman in offsetting the debt. Apart from offsetting the debt owed the contractors, we are also carrying out new projects,” the Councilor reiterated.