Maikalangu Flags Off Gosa Road Construction

By: Wisdom Acka

The Chairman, Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Christopher Zakka Maikalangu, has flagged off the rehabilitation of Gosa township road.

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony, Maikalangu said that as responsible government that addresses the yearnings of the people, it was the responsibility of his administration to meet the needs and aspirations of the electorates.

He added that AMAC residents will enjoy dividends of democracy and feel the impact of good governance within their various communities.

“I am very glad to be here this morning to perform this ground breaking ceremony as we flag off the commencement of the construction of the Gosa township road along the Airport road,” he said.

“As a responsible government that responds to the yearnings of his people, we count it imperative to initiate this project to meet the demands and aspirations of the electorates within the benefiting community,” he added.

“In line with our vision and passion for my dear people of AMAC, I will continue to say it again that bringing rural renewal project, such as this, to our communities will enable residents to enjoy the dividends of democracy and feel the impact of good governance and prosperity, which we are committed to promote,” Maikalangu stated.

“I wish to emphasis here that this project conforms with the campaign promises we made before our election,” the Chairman said.

“We promised development, development and more development across the 12 electoral wards of the Council in the best interest of the people,” he emphasized.

“I recall that during my election, I promised to run an open and inclusive government; an administration where citizens are entitled to contribute, especially on areas of deciding on the type and form of projects they desired.

“In that regard, most of the projects we celebrate today, especially road construction, falls within the preferences of the largely disadvantaged rural communities.” said Maikalangu.

He noted: “The need to provide basic infrastructures such as this cannot be over-emphasised. It makes life much easier as it facilitates meaningful lives, enhance commerce and enables residents to carry out their economic activities and improve their living conditions without stress.”

“To this end, we have focused more on roads construction and rehabilitation within one year of this administration even though we have also strived in the provision of rural electrification, water and educational development, among others,” he said.