Djokovic Even Hungrier to Win Australian Open Now – Becker

By: Gyang Dakwo

Novak Djokovic is even hungrier to win a 10th Australian Open title this year following his deportation from Australia 12 months ago due to his unvaccinated COVID-19 status, former world number one Boris Becker said on Friday.

Becker, 55, who was himself deported from Britain last month after being released from prison, told broadcaster Eurosport, for whom he will be a commentator during the Australian Open that Djokovic’s top priority was matching Rafa Nadal’s haul of 22 Grand Slam titles. He has 21 to his name.

“When you have tasted gold then you are not satisfied with silver,” Becker, who also coached Djokovic between 2013-16, said. “Deep inside his soul, Novak wants to become the most successful tennis player of all time.

“At the moment this is clearly Nadal and this Nadal record is the highest priority for Djokovic.”

Having arrived in Australia unvaccinated 12 months ago, the nine-times Melbourne champion was deported amid a backlash from angry Australians who had endured some of the world’s toughest lockdown measures.