Qatar to Dismantle the World Cup Stadium

By: Gyang Dakwo

One of the iconic stadiums hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, Stadium 974 is set to be dismantled.

Stadium 974 is the first-ever fully demountable stadium in the history of World Cups and after the Brazil vs South Korea game of the Round of 16 on Monday, the stadium will not host any further games and will be dismantled.

The official Qatar 2022 page on the stadium reads: “This unique venue pays tribute to Qatar’s long-standing tradition of worldwide trade and seafaring. Not only is 974 the international dialing code for Qatar, but it is also the exact number of shipping containers used in construction. Situated in the portside area and in sight of Doha’s coastal cityscape, fans at Stadium 974 will feel the cool breeze as it rolls in from the Arabian Gulf.”

”After the tournament, the containers and super-structure will be reused. A waterfront development boasting fabulous facilities for the local community will spring to life, as well as a dynamic hub for business. This new concept in venue development ensures that while Stadium 974’s physical presence may be temporary, its legacy will be everlasting,” it further reads.

The stadium has a capacity of up to 44,089 and is located in Ras Abu Aboud, Doha. This is the only non-air-conditioned stadium built for the tournament and that’s why Stadium 974 hosted only evening matches.