Stay Safe!

Happy New Year!  If you are reading this it means you made it into 2019 hale and hearty.

Congratulations!  Now that we are here, one of our New Year resolutions, or goals should and must include how to stay safe. Staying safe should be number one on your to- do goal list.

This is because if you are sick, injured, isolated due to abduction, hospitalized. .. you will not be able to pursue other goals of growing your business, getting married, starting a new job, e.t.c.

You must have come across a video threat by BH making the rounds on social media.

In the video, the BH leader, Al Barnawi is threatening to attack the seat of Government, the Federal Capital Territory where you and I live, before the 2019 elections.

Should that make us scared? Not necessarily. What I expect is for us to be more alert, safety conscious; and be ready to share relevant information with security agents.

While the Security agencies do their bit to ensure that our city is safe, it behooves on us to take responsibility for our movements and report suspicious moves around our neighbourhood.

To keep safe this period, please adhere to these Safety Tips:

1.    Avoid Night outings. Crimes are usually easy to perpetuate under the cover of darkness. 

2.    Avoid crowded places. This is not the time to stop, or loiter around crowded bus stops, Cinemas, Shopping Malls and places of Worship.

3.    Places of Worship like Churches and Mosques are advised to engage the services of Security agencies, especially during programmes that will attract a large crowd.

4.    Be  conversant with your environment. That will make you quickly recognize any strange occurrence.

5.    Be careful of Strangers who suddenly appear in your place of business, or neighbourhood.

6.    Train the Security Guards in your home and offices. Unknown persons should not be allowed to park a Car or drop a parcel unattended  to.

7.    Watch out for Teens or young adults who appear to be loitering around. They could be potential suicide bombers.

8.    Public and Private Schools should ensure non students are not allowed into the School. A register should be kept at the gate to assist the security guards. This is to forestall a terrorist dressing as a student to gain entrance. This has happened before.

9.    Schools, Hospitals, Petrol Stations and Shopping Malls should be made to invest in CCTV camera. Reviewing it at the end of each day will definitely improve the decisions taken concerning security in those areas.

10.    Be law abiding. Don’t get into a road rage. The next vehicle could be driven by a suicide bomber. Obey traffic rules and other safety rules to stay alive.

In case of any emergency, please call the toll free 112 Emergency number and remember to stay safety conscious.

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