Nigeria-Ukraine trade to remain mutually beneficial- Nedryhailo

Representative of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Olena Nedryhailo has expressed her support for a larger trade volume between her country and Nigeria.

Speaking during her visit to Abuja Digest Weekly, Ms Nedryhailo said she had been working with Africa for 19 years and knew its capacity for growth.

She further explained that unlike the case with some other trade relations, Nigeria’s trade with Ukraine was going to be mutually beneficial to both countries. According to her, she was in Abuja to encourage Nigerian businesses to get involved in exports to Ukraine, while making sure Ukrainian businessmen were adequately supported to invest in Nigeria.

Ms Nedryhailo also decried the spread of false and negative news about Nigeria in Europe, and reiterated her commitment to telling the true story about Nigeria to Ukrainian investors. That way, she maintained, they would be more eager to invest in the country. She specifically mentioned that Ukraine was willing to assist Nigeria in the key areas of education, agriculture, mining and Information Technology (IT).

On Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, the Ukrainian expressed her love for the serene environment in the city, the good roads, absence of traffic jams and its adequate security.