Stay Away from Revoked Plots, FCTA Warns Victims

By: Wisdom Acka

Authorities of the FCT Administration have warned owners of revoked landed property not to trespass on them.

This is as strong indications emerged that the authorities would not take it lightly with anyone found tampering with any of the already revoked land as approved by the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike.

Direcror, FCT Department of Development Control, Muktar Galadima, gave this warning when his men busted an attempt by owners of revoked land in Maitama District, to continue development on the sites, despite revocation order placed on the property. 

The men accompanied by some  security agents confiscated building equipments found on the sites and arrested some site workers for profilling, while others fled.  

It would be recalled that the Minister had revoked no fewer than 187 plots of land in the serviced Districts of the Federal Capital City over non -development. 

The revocation order placed on the affected plots according to the Minister was due to the continous contravention of the terms of agreements as contained in section 28(5) (a) &(b) of the Land Use Act. 

Galadima disclosed that information reaching his office that some owners of already revoked land are moving back to sites, which according to him, was a violation of the order and illegal.  

“Recently, FCT Minister revoked some plots for non-development and also sent his last warning on abandoned buildings since December 2022, so, it is unfortunate that those revoked properties, some people are trying to come back and work on them, particularly on weekends. 

“So, we  are on this operation to ensure that no body will go back and work on all the revoked plots. I also use this opportunity to inform the public to desist from returning to to work on revoked properties. Definitely, the Administration will not only remove such structures but will ensure prosecution of the person involved,” he added.

Galadima also warned: “any officials found wanting will be severly dealt with in accordance with the laid down Civil Service rules and regulations”.

Asked about those who may want to go to Court, he said: “I am not aware of anything like that, if at all, some have gone to the Court as you said, then I will leave it to the Court to decide, but for now I am not aware of such, and even, the decision of the Courts have to be communicated to the Administration for it to study it and decide if there is any need to review it or not”, he stressed.