By Gyang Dakwo

Nigerian Tobi Amusan on Sunday put Nigeria on the global map of athletics by winning the 100 meters hurdles gold at the World Championships in what was initially announced as a world record 12.06 seconds but later ruled ineligible as the wind speed exceeded the legal limit.

Amusan broke the world record earlier on Sunday by running 12.12 in the semi-final at Hayward Field.

She recovered from a slightly slower start to put on a pristine performance over the barriers, 17 seconds clear of silver medallist Britany Anderson of Jamaica.

“The goal was to come out and to win this gold,” said Amusan.

“I believe in my abilities but I was not expecting a world record at these championships. You know, the goal is always just to execute well and get the win. So, the world record is a bonus.”

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has celebrated Amusan, thanking her for promoting Nigeria’s image on the world stage.

A statement from the presidency reads:

“The President thanks the track superstar for making the Nigerian national anthem resonate again from the international podium, leaving the nation with the excitement and unforgettable memories of tears of joy and triumph; hope and victory; incredulity and belief.

“President Buhari says the legendary career and achievements of the golden girl will continue to inspire the upcoming generations of Nigerian athletes to achieve spectacular success.”