Revenue Collection: AMAC Vows to Implement Cashless Policy

By: Wisdom Acka

Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) has vowed that it would continue implementation of the cashless policy on collection of revenues.

The AMAC Chairman, Christopher Zakka Maikalangu made this pledge, while speaking Thursday at a 2-day retreat organized for AMAC Press Corps in Nyanya Gwandara, Nasarawa State.

Represented by Supervisory Councillor on Speciation Duties, Emmanuel Inyang, Maikalangu bemoaned a situation where former AMAC revenue collectors became richer than the Council.

Advising revenue paying public to pay only through AMAC designated banks or risk double payment, the Chairman warned that the Council would soon commence sealing off of defaulting business premises once its revenue collection enforcement taskforce comes on board.

His words: “We will lock up your premises if you do not pay, or if you pay into accounts other than AMAC designated accounts. What we need is not just the receipts, but we want to trace the accounts payments are made to, because anyone can print receipt in the name of the Council, so beware. “

According to him, “there is no hiding place for anybody. We want to sensitise the people so that they do not fall victim of this”.

However, noting that the cashless policy does not apply to motorists and daily ticketing, Maikalangu added that unless all revenue leakages were plugged through his new revenue regime, service and infrastructure delivery would be negatively affected by porous revenue system and the huge debts his administration inherited.

Reiterating the determination of his administration to “uplift the living standards of the common man”, he stated: “We can only do what we promised to do if we have adequate funds, and one of the ways to generate sufficient funds is to clean up our revenue collection processes.”

The Chairman, however, promised to initiate people oriented projects and do everything to ensure their completion, even as he revealed he has commenced first phase of payment of the billion naira debts to avoid litigation and garnishing of AMAC accounts.

In a paper titled: “Building Strategic Media Relations for Appropriate Reportage”, Dr. Austin Maho urged journalists to always avoid sensetional journalism, but rather imbibe developmental journalism, because development was what all the developing countries, including Nigeria, needed.

Advising the press to always be mindful of national interest and national security in their reportage, Dr. Maho stressed that there was no free press anywhere in the world, not even in the west and the USA; adding that the west always protect their countries.

He reminded journalists of their responsibilities of agenda setting and holding the society accountable, and appreciated the enormous power of the media, which he noted comes with responsibility which the media should not ignore.