Wike Commissions, Names 3.2km Road After Ladi Kwali

By: Wisdom Acka

FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, has named a 3.2 kilometre Arterial Road after late Nigeria’s famous potter, Ladi Kwali.

Wike did the naming on Tuesday, while commissioning the road in Kwali, Kwali Area Council; saying Ladi Kwali used her creativity to bring fame to the FCT and the entire nation.

Abuja Digest reports that while the road had been abandoned for over 14 years, the bridge suffered same fate for 20 years, but the Wike-led FCT Administration was able to complete both in three months.

Wike said that the ‘Renewed Hope Agenda’ of President Bola Tinubu knows no religion, tribe nor political affiliation.

Promising to deliver three strategic roads to the people of Kwali Area Council, Wike said he would also ensure adequate illumination of the road by providing solar-powered street lights.

He said; “This road was abandoned for how many years now? What you see today is the ‘Renewed Hope Agenda’ we are talking about. I am sure that most of you must have lost hope that you took your fate into your hands, since no government will want to feel your plight. So you have to manage to fend for your people, but Mr. President had said do not lose hope, as he is here to bring your hope back. And from what he has done on this road today, it shows indeed hope is coming back to our people.”

“It is not about party, but Nigerians; it is about you the Kwali people; it is about you the Abuja people. Because, there is no one particular party that will use this road, and that is what is important to Mr. President. It doesn’t matter where you belong, his ambition, his vision is to make Nigerians believe that their hope must come back, and that is why we have done what we have done today,” he said.

“This is not the only road we are doing in Kwali, your Chairman has announced the one that we are going to flag off soon, and there is another one that is going on. So, in this year alone Kwali will have nothing less than three roads. This was not like that before. So Mr. President has brought back hope to all of us”, Wike added.

“Before the Chairman even asked, Mr. President had told me that a popular Abuja person who has in one way contributed to the development of Abuja, it is very important charity must begin from home that this road must be named Ladi Kwali Road,” the Minister revealed.

“Secondly, Mr. President asked me when this road was being done, what about the illumination, which is to provide security? I said it was not part of it. Mr. President has directed that I should make sure that solar light is provided on this road. So, that is why we are saying when you have the right leadership, you will get good results. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what is important is, is this person committed? I can tell you that Mr. President is committed to changing the lives of all of us, to give us our hope that was lost. Yes, I know you were impatient,” Wike emphasized.

Earlier, Kwali Area Council Chairman, Danladi Chiya, said the road leads the Kwali main town to the Abuja – Lokoja Highway.

The Chairman praised the Minister for honouring the late Ladi Kwali; saying while a road was named after her in the United Kingdom and a street in Abuja’s City centre, nothing had been named after her in her own hometown, Kwali.

The talented porter who died in 1984 is the only known woman to have appeared on any Nigerian Currency, the Twenty Naira note.