FCTA to Renovate 100 Schools in 100 Days- Adesola

By: Wisdom Acka

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) is currently implementing the 100 by 100 programme which entails renovating and upgrading of 100 schools in 100 days.

The programme would intervene directly in the provision of infrastructure and facilities for students in FCT schools so as to establish more conducive environment for the promotion of learning.

Permanent Secretary, FCTA, Olusade Adesola, said this Monday, while receiving award of commendation from the leadership All-African Students
Union (AASU), in Abuja.

He expressed optimism that the project would ensure churning out of more brilliant students in FCT schools.

However, Adesola regretted that the programme wasn’t carried out in the previous administration, but the project is still being implemented, as government is a continuum.

“For us in FCT, the commitment to the growth and development of the educational sector is a priority. And we are currently implementing the 100 by 100 programme which entails the renovation and upgrading of 100 schools in 100 days,” he said.

“We are also addressing the skills requirements and the welfare need of our staff. Last year, over 80 teachers were promoted from Deputy Directors to Principal Directors. This is to ensure that these teachers or employees are well motivated after the large mount of years they served by attaining the peak of their careers, so that they can continue to deliver teaching services”, the Permanent Secretary added.

According to him, “We also pay attention to the challenge of security which has been very difficult to sustain, because we spend substantial amount on the effort to provide it. In our schools particularly, those on the fringes, we use both the conventional and non conventional methods”.

Adesola noted that the major challenge was the influx of students from states neighbouring the FCT, even as he stated: “But because it is still one Nigeria, we believe that they are entitled to be educated and wil continue to provide them in that aspect”.

Earlier, All-African Students
Union (AASU) President, and leader of the delegation, Osisiogu Osikenyi, commended the FCTA for committing itself to improving better access to education at all levels in the Territory.

Osisiogu, who expressed worries about campus insecurity, said the Union is very happy that “you have not allowed any campus in FCT to be on the ugly list of the campuses that have been attacked by hoodlums, we want you to intensify on that.

“Continue to be liaising with security agencies, so as to make sure that campuses, especially those which are located at the borderlines of the FCT.”